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September 25, 2012

Shaklee ProSante® Revitalizing Shampoo

by SIDshoppe


A complete revitalizing treatment that works tremendously for all hair types. ProSante® Revitalizing Shampoo is particularly effective at improving the condition of dry and damaged hair. The result – you maintain your hair’s natural pH, oil and moisture balance, strength, shine, and resilience.

Formulated with plant-derived ingredients, including corn and coconut, this specially designed cleansing system lifts dirt, oils, and pollutants without irritating the scalp.


ProSante® Revitalizing Shampoo sesuai digunakan bagi semua jenis rambut. Syampu yang sangat berkesan untuk memperbaiki keadaan rambut kering dan rosak disamping mengekalkan keseimbangan pH semulajadi rambut, keseimbangan minyak dan kelembapan serta daya tahan rambut.

ProSante® Revitalizing Shampoo mengandungi bahan terbitan tumbuhan seperti jagung dan kelapa. Sistem pembersihan yang direka khas untuk menghilangkan kotoran, minyak dan bahan pencemaran tanpa merengsa kulit kepala.


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