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September 25, 2012


Shaklee ProSante® Nourishing Scalp Treatment

by SIDshoppe
Shaklee  l Healthy Beauty


At the heart of ProSanté® Hair Care System is Nourishing Scalp Treatment with the highest concentration of our exclusive Scalp Health Complex. Nourishing Scalp Treatment gets to the root of hair problems with a highly derma-available serum that stimulates circulation, protects against environmental assaults and provides nourishing ingredients to the scalp.

ProSante® Nourishing Scalp Treatment is an exclusive formula, proven to reduce hair loss during combing and naturally thicken and strengthen hair when used as part of the ProSanté Hair Care system.

ProSante® Nourishing Scalp Treatment provides:

  • Antioxidant vitamins A and E, and coenzyme Q10 protect against free radical damage and environmental stresses
  • Works to provide the optimal environment for your hair
  • No-rinse formula lets you apply, style and go
  • Does not leave hair sticky or oily


ProSante® Nourishing Scalp Treatment merupakan sistem penjagaan rambut eksklusif daripada Shaklee. Nutrien pada Nourishing Scalp Treatment berupaya sampai ke akar rambut melalui serum derma yang menyediakan bahan-bahan berkhasiat untuk kulit kepala dan pantas menyerap lalu merangsang peredaran darah serta melindunginya daripada pencemaran persekitaran.  

ProSante ® Nourishing Scalp Treatment juga terbukti dapat mengurangkan keguguran rambut semasa menyikat dan bertindak secara semulajadi untuk menebalkan dan menguatkan rambut.

Fakta ringkas ProSante®  Nourishing Scalp Treatment:

  • Mengandungi antioksidan vitamin A dan E dan co-enzyme Q10 yang melindungi kulit kepala daripada kerosakan radikal bebas dan pencemaran persekitaran
  • Terbukti berkesan dalam menyediakan persekitaran yang optimum bagi rambut anda
  • Formulasi tanpa-bilas yang amat mudah digunakan
  • Tidak meninggalkan rambut melekit atau berminyak

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  1. suzanne
    Jan 4 2013

    My Shaklee salesperson just informed me a few days ago that the ProSante Nourishing Scalp Treatment I LOVE and need is on back order. She said there was an issue with the formula. I would just like to say… Please, please do not stop selling this! I, as well as several women I know would be so upset! I use the whole line of ProSante and the Scalp Treatment is my favorite. Please make it available to all of us very soon. Thanks Shaklee, you’re the best!


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