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September 23, 2012

Lecithin® Shaklee

by SIDshoppe


The National Academy of Sciences has established that choline is important in the diet because it supports brain, liver, cardiovascular and reproductive health. Choline is a component of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in the transmission of messages in the brain and nervous system. Soy lecithin is the primary source of choline.

Shaklee Lecithin® is naturally sourced from soybeans. Each softgel capsule provides 530mg of lecithin.


Akademi Sains Kebangsaan Amerika Syarikat telah mengesahkan bahawa unsur choline adalah penting dalam program diet kerana ia menyokong kesihatan otak, hati, jantung dan kesihatan reproduktif. Choline adalah komponen Asetilkolina Neurotransmitter, yang terlibat dalam penghantaran mesej di dalam otak dan sistem saraf. Lesithin soya adalah sumber utama choline.

Lecithin® Shaklee dihasilkan daripada kacang soya. Setiap gel lembut kapsul menyediakan 530mg lesithin.


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